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Sovereign: From the Latin "super" (above) and "regnum" (rulership, control), means "above the rul...

Sovereign: From the Latin "super" (above) and "regnum" (rulership, control), means "above the rulership or control of another". It means that we are not a subject or a slave. We are born sovereign.

When I chose the scent for this candle, I looked for plants and flowers that are related to self confidence.




Vanilla fragrance oil

Bergamot essential oil

Ylang-Ylang essential oil

2 cotton wicks

Glass jar (transparent or black)

Wooden lid



Net weight: 140g-150g

Burning time: 20-22 hours



🎁 ECO FRIENDLY PACKAGING —> Paper Box, paper, sticker, no plastic.

📦 ECO FRIENDLY, RECYCLED SHIPPING MATERIALS —> Paper, may contain recycled plastic from previous shipping.

♻️ For a ZERO WASTE packaging and shipping material option, please leave a note saying “ZERO WASTE” when making your order. We will prepare your order with the least amount of packaging, no box and no plastic.

🌱 Plant-based & Cruelty-Free

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