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The Mind of Doriane Greens is a reference to The Picture of Dorian Gray, a well-known book written by Oscar Wilde, and the famous quote from The Kybalion, "The ALL is mind, the universe is mental".

Doriane is an independent dancer, artist, researcher and natural healing advocate from the South of France, with French and North African roots. She studied Chinese Language, Literature and Civilization at the University of Provence and holds a Master Degree in Research, focused on Asia and Pacific studies. 

While studying in France, she became aware of the harm caused by chemicals in cosmetics to humans and animals and began to create her own products. 

Originating from a background of North African natural healers, she has developed a passion for plants and their healing powers. This also influenced her to get a training in Aromatherapy, and to currently grow a garden on an organic farm in Xindian.

All of her products are vegan and cruelty free and hope to bring some awareness of Natural Law and better living.



Doriane hopes that her dance and handmade creations can encourage people to choose a more natural lifestyle, find their uniqueness, express themselves, stimulate their imagination, seek knowledge and free their minds.


Doriane "Greens" Sarrasin



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