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Will you dare to look at the mind control that has been done to you and start your shadow work to break free?

This is the first part of my new dance video “Through The Shadow”, which was presented during the Freedom Under Natural Law conference "Convergence".


The activation of your winner warrior, after and while doing your Shadow Work, embody the Self Defense Principle, and carry all the elements that will guide you towards True Freedom. Not only for yourself, but for all. 

This is also the first time I have created something that involves Contemporary Dance (with foundations in improvisation, the way I have learnt it in France and practiced it until now), North African Dances (dances of my ancestors) and Chinese Martial Arts (which I actually do unconsciously in my contemporary dance). 

I am from France, with French and North African roots. I have questioned my CULTures since a very young age, including religions. When I decided to incorporate my roots in my dance, I chose the connection to my heritage and my ancestors. Beyond the limits of cultures. This is not my identity. I am a human being first and foremost. This is my heritage. This is what connects me to ancestral Knowledge, the knowledge of the self, as well as healing generational traumas. Learning from past mistakes, understanding why things happened a certain way and why it keeps happening. Doing the inner work to stop the cycle, and bring to life the goodness that is to be kept. Reconnecting to deeper ancestral lineage, to understand who we are, so we can move towards True Freedom. 

Hopefully this can inspire you to activate your inner warrior, connect to your ancestors, heal and find True Freedom.

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