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Self Love Soap

Self Love Cold Process* Soap from the Prémices Collection (Limited Edition) Love is what expands...

Self Love Cold Process* Soap from the Prémices Collection (Limited Edition)

Love is what expands consciousness. It helps us become open to Truth, and more aware. We need to work on ourselves in order to find balance and harmony within. Self Love. Once we have self love, we can love others, we can get knowledge and accept the Truth.

When I chose the scent for this soap, I looked for plants and flower that are related to Love.


Coconut oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Castor Oil

Sodium hydroxide (evaporates after curing for a few weeks)


Osmanthus Fragrance Oil

Jasmine Fragrance Oil 

Gold mica powder (natural pigments)

Jasmine and Osmanthus dried flowers

Net weight: 130-140g


• Each soap being handmade and unique, the color, weight, and appearance may vary a little bit from the pictures.

• Our soaps are originally body soaps but they can be used on the face too. For sensitive skins we recommend our unscented soaps (such as the Moringa soap, the Minimalist soap with almond milk, etc). Please research about your skin condition and/or allergies first if you have any, before using our products.

• How long can you use a bar soap? If you use it to wash your hands only, it will last a few months. If you use it in the shower, it will last a few weeks. 

• To keep your bar soap longer, make sure to leave it on a surface where water is not stagnant. 

• The scent of our soaps is not very strong. It is subtle but present, and becomes lighter with time as we do not use any extra chemicals that would artificially keep the soap longer or a stronger scent. (The only chemical we use is the Sodium Hydroxide which evaporates during curing time, and which is necessary so create a soap.)

• How long can you keep a bar soap before using it? It is said that soap is like wine: it becomes better with age. The longer you keep a soap, the longer it will last when you will use it. Of course, the scent will fade away and will become lighter but the quality of the soap will be great or even better. 

• Our soaps have different benefits and do not leave the skin dry after use. Feel free to contact us if you have any question.


*In order to make soap, we need a chemical reaction called “saponification” by mixing oils with sodium hydroxide. The cold process method consists in letting the soap cure for 4 to 6 weeks before using it.
This is when the sodium hydroxide will evaporate and we will be able to use the soap bar on our skin after the curing time. By not heating the soap we can keep the oils and essential oils intact and receive their therapeutic benefits.


🎁 ECO FRIENDLY PACKAGING —> Paper Box, paper, sticker, no plastic.

📦 ECO FRIENDLY, RECYCLED SHIPPING MATERIALS —> Paper, may contain recycled plastic from previous shipping.

♻️ For a ZERO WASTE packaging and shipping material option, please leave a note saying “ZERO WASTE” when making your order. We will prepare your order with the least amount of packaging, no box and no plastic.

🌱 VEGAN ♡ 

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