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Cedar Smudge Stick

Handmade smudge stick made of Cedar tree branches, that I handpicked in the mountains in Taiwan. ...

Handmade smudge stick made of Cedar tree branches, that I handpicked in the mountains in Taiwan. 

It is said that cedar can be used to banish fear, enhance psychic powers, drive out negative energies, bless a new home.

Wrapped with hemp thread, that can be burnt too. 

Net weight: approx. 17g

Length: approx. 27cm

Width: approx. 2cm


What is smudging?

Our ancestors have been burning sacred and medicinal herbs for years, to remove negative energies from a person or a space, usually before a ceremony.

My mother, originally from North Africa, often uses this technique at home, using natural incense that would be burnt in clay bowl and spread around the house.

While doing this practice, your thoughts and words must come from a positive and good intention. You can say them in your head or out loud.


The Native Americans call this practice "smudging". In their tradition, this ceremony is involving four elements: 

Water, represented by a container made of shell.

Earth, represented by four sacred plants (cedar, sage, sweetgrass and tobacco)

Fire, represented by lighting the sacred plants

Air, represented by the smoke


People from different regions on the globe have been traditionally using this practice, until now. I have personally witnessed and heard about it in The Philippines and Taiwan for instance, where it is also used to remove physical pain from the body.


Burn the smudge stick on a fireproof surface. I recommend to open a window when burning the smudge stick, or do it in a semi-ventilated space. Keep it in a dry space away from direct sunlight and make sure you do not have allergies to the plants first. 


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